Saturday, June 19, 2010

Come to your senses: It's sex, not baseball!

Enter into our lexicon the latest absurdly Disney-esque euphemism: "sexually satisfying events." What's wrong with good, old-fashioned orgasms?

Nonetheless, sexually satisfying events is how women's climaxes are described in a New York Times article -- and by all media, for that matter, apparently too sheepish and immature to use the proper word so parroting the study instead. The topic is the FDA's cautious response to a drug that purports to increase female libido and therefore sexual pleasure.

The paragraph in The NYT to wit: "The F.D.A. staff found that it had effectively increased the number of sexually satisfying events reported by more than 1,000 women with depressed libido, increasing those events by a statistically significant 0.8 per month in randomized, placebo-controlled experiments."

It's a dark day when we've become so word-whipped by ultra-conservative prudes that we can no longer refer to the simple pleasures of the flesh by their proper names. God/s, please protect us from your fan clubs!

You can see the original NYT story here: 
Drug for Sexual Desire Disorder Opposed by Panel