Monday, June 7, 2010

Scanner Guy tunes in, spins tales, wins pals

In a report about a distress call from a man yelling "Help me, help me!"  Roger added: "I tried to imagine the look on a police officers face if he broke down the man's door only to see a half man, half fly, caught in a spider web."
Roger -- also known as "Roger the Scanner Guy" or "Roger Dodger" to listeners in his adopted hometown of Santa Barbara, Calif. -- is a onetime drifter and self-described failure. He plasters his ear to his police scanner as much as 14 hours a day, then uses the police and fire calls as a springboard for his increasingly popular free-associative mash-ups of news, memory, fantasy, opinion and humor. The results he posts thrice-weekly or so on a popular community website called Edhat. To hear Roger the Scanner Guy, go to: To read more about Roger, see the original L.A. Times story here: Scanner Guy